About Us

The Association of Narrative Practice in Healthcare aims to support, promote and deliver:

  • Courses and workshops in the practice of narrative based health care, including the narrative-based model of interactional skills "Conversations Inviting Change"

  • Conferences and presentations to share and spread narrative-based clinical and educational practice

  • Publications in peer reviewed journals and other media

  • Links with academic departments, medical and nursing colleges, and professional institutions

  • International collaboration among individuals and groups interested in narrative based health care

  • Accreditation of narrative based practitioners and trainers

Among our resources, the Association of Narrative Practice in Healthcare can provide information about:

  • Learning opportunities related to narrative based clinical practice, supervision, training and management

  • Books and articles about narrative ideas and skills and their application to health care

  • Accredited trainers, supervisors and team consultants who use narrative based approaches